24 June 2015

Mesa Arch

Canyonlands National Park

Hanging off the edge of the Island in the Sky is the Mesa Arch. We stopped to have a look, which requires bout a half mile walk along one or both sections of a loop trail. The trail is a well trod path through the sand and sages, generally quite well marked by people traveling along it, but also by cairns when it crosses rocks.

flat land coming to a cliff
Starting along the trail toward the cliff and the arch at the edge of the Island in the Sky.

Mesa Arch
First look at Mesa Arch.

After a bit of flat, the trail drops down to the same level as the base of the arch.

towers along the edge
The view from the arch toward Monster Tower and Airport Tower.

canyons below the arch
Lines of canyons wandering to the Colorado River.

After enjoying the arch, we walk back up the few feet to a sign marking the loop. It seems we have taken it in the "wrong" direction. We take the other side, which is getting a lot less use.

concave bit of rock cliff
Perhaps a future arch at the edge of the Island in the Sky.

toward the Green River
Across the road, the Stillwater Canyon of the Green River.

After checking out the arch (and a little before), we did some sightseeing.

©2015 Valerie Norton
Posted 6 Aug 2015

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