21 June 2015

Mesa Creek

Grand Mesa National Forest

Mesa Creek is the site of the first ski run on Grand Mesa before being abandoned for Powderhorn. At the trailhead, there is a large informational sign all about it. Behind that is a trail sign and a trail. This trail does not appear on my map, so it is difficult to know where it goes, 1.2 miles to nice views according to some sources.

trail #505
Hikers, horses, and bikes allowed. No motor vehicles.

There are trails going directly up the old ski run, which is still clear over 60 years after it was abandoned. These do not look official. There are some toward the creek that also do not look official. One of these crosses the creek on a bridge, but even the bridge does not look official.

old ski run
The trees have not returned to the ski run.

extra long pallet?
This bridge looks to be pieced together from found wood. It does get the job done, at least for hikers.

I try the trail over the bridge. It leads unambiguously to a steep hill and starts directly up it. It looks decidedly unofficial as well. It is much nicer in the trees on this north facing slope than other places in the forest, but not somehow I lose interest in the trail and drop back to the road.

tree obstructed view of the mesa
Looking out at the view, such as it is.

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Posted 2 Aug 2015

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