17 June 2015

North Rim

Grand Canyon National Park

After dropping in at Pipe Spring National Monument and taking in the view of the Grand Staircase, it is time for the main goal of the day looking about: the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

compass and location in the ground
Now, that is quite a benchmark.

The lodge is an easy place to start. There are a number of trails and a general light crowd traveling them. Such is the fate of being in one of the best known national parks. The other rim is probably worse and hotter too.

Grand Canyon
The south rim is way out there. Look very carefully and you can pick out the trail climbing it.

pointy bits of land
It is fun to check out the rising spots in the canyon. Far beyond is another rising spot with snow on it, probably San Francisco Peaks.

layers of rock
The hardness of the rocks changes and it supports a cliff or it tumbles producing natural art.

side canyon
The side canyons are a bit smaller and easier to take in. Roaring Springs rushes down this one.

south rim
Another look out to the south rim.

north rim edge tree
Life hangs on at the very edge of the north rim.

Moving on, the canyon changes a bit.

long ridge
Further down the road at Vista Encantada.

And moving again.

Roosevelt Poing
The view from Roosevelt Point.

And again.

flowering bush
It is the right time to be at Cape Royal, the blooms are abundant.

natural bridge
There are natural bridges to take in or walk across.

Colorado River
There are not a lot of places to see the Colorado River twisting along the bottom of the canyon.

no river
Turn to look for the river where the canyon is deeper and it vanishes.

Another tribute to the mighty river.

defiant rock
Many a rock remains defiant.

Point Imperial is particularly impressive as the highest point along the north rim. From here, the far Vermilion Cliffs are visible and the much smaller canyon that passes near them.

Point Imperial
Just try to take it all in from Point Imperial. And it is a smaller canyon here.

upper canyon
Look past the nearby cliffs to see a much smaller canyon cutting the plain.

spire and spires gone
A spire remains here, but look further to see what these spires become.

©2015 Valerie Norton
Posted 8 Nov 2016

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