17 June 2015

Pipe Spring National Monument

Traveling with a couple people who are set on filling their National Park passport is that you end up stopping at even the smallest attraction. Passing within fourteen miles of Pipe Spring, we had to stop and see it. Although small, people do seem to enjoy it for an hour or two. We found some instant joy upon arrival simply because the cactus was in bloom.

yellow cactus flower
A few of the cactus blooms.

Enter and flash and "American the Beautiful" card (or pay the fee) and take a look around. The center is the usual with a few souvenirs one could buy and a movie that is not quite ready to play right now, so we head out the back door into the yard, which is far more interesting. It is full of items from the era when the area was settled by Mormons. Poke around them a little and you notice something odd, they seem to actually be in good working order.

carts in the yard
A couple carts in the yard.

cute saw horse
Sometimes a bit of cute is needed, even if it is just a saw horse.

spring water
First dibs on the water was secured buy building a fort on it. The water flow has drastically reduced over time as well have been sunk nearby.

corrals and such
Stable and cowboy residence.

Winsor Castle
The fort, called Winsor Castle.

The tour of the fort, which was called Winsor Castle, is included with entry so it really should be taken. It allows poking around the rooms and catching some details that might not be noticed otherwise.

stove and props
In the kitchen with quite a nice stove with oven and warming boxes.

In the courtyard where apparently quite a bit of partying went on. In the corner beside the sign is Arizona's first telegraph.

banister and rain barrel
Heavy doors keep the courtyard secure.

The spring room is getting renovated, so we cannot poke around it and feel its natural "air conditioning", so the tour is a little shorter than usual. Still, we get to hear quite a few stories and see quite a few rooms. Oh, and we did enjoy ourselves for quite a while before continuing down the road.

©2015 Valerie Norton
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