30 June 2015


Got some catch-up to do with the blog, but the sketches will do for a tease until then.

Water was supposed to be a worry, but this rock box with water pouring over the sides showed it was needless while hiking up the Comanche Trail.

There is a vast land of flats all at different levels looking over southern Utah and Arizona.

Kolob Canyons are a dominant feature when there are views to the west.

Some more close at hand rocks among the aspen trees.

Walking in Fairyland in Bryce Canyon.

On my way up the east fork of the Cimarron river and enjoying the cliffs with their scattered trees.

We like to see patterns even when there is none to see.  This peak to the south seemed very much like an eagle with wings outspread to me.

Playing a little with getting the patches of snow in and dealing poorly with there being a lot of rock between the Wetterhorn and Matterhorn.

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