25 August 2017

fake farm houses

Redwood National Park

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We headed out from High Bluff Overlook going north on the one way section of Coastal Drive. The continuation of the California Coastal Trail as it heads over Flint Ridge is obviously marked, but warns that a bridge is out some miles away where the trail is closed. A little further is a seemingly random roadside sign. We stopped to find some World War II history.

shingles of a building below
A building that was disguised as part of a working farm.

Below the road are two buildings that were built to appear as part of a working farm perched out here on the edge of the land. The disguise is meant for passing ships, overhead airplanes, and even travelers on the road. We take a short trail down to see what they really are.

cinderblock forming a larger block just as boring, but covered in wooden decoration
Big, boring cinder blocks with an elaborate wooden facade.

the other end, with a shed addition
The other side has a nice overhang to house the door.

farmhouse look
The second building looks a bit bigger and has power, although those power lines are just a facade now.

or perhaps it is more of a barn
Looking very like a bunker in the recess.

These were built for defense of the mainland during the war. Soldiers or civilians watched the ocean and air from here and would report anything suspicious. Of course, we get to looking suspicious poking around and trying to look in through the tiny gaps. There is stuff inside, but there is not a lot of light to see by.

fake windows all around
Fake windows all the way around. The facade seems to be a little more complete in the back where it is more sheltered from weather.

Then it is off, further down the road, to check out the cemetery (a small family plot) and the beach by the river (which has ceremonial grounds) and get started at by sea lions swimming sideways.

mouth of the Klamath River
Overlook of the mouth of the Klamath River beside the Williams family plot.

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Posted 10 September 2017

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